Roots, shoots and newts!

A wonderfully calm and peaceful afternoon with Red Class. The children enjoyed identifying trees by looking at the shape of their leaves, digging for roots under the soil and pond dipping. At the end we shared our favourite moments and talked about different feelings we might have had during the session. The children were amazing at talking about how they felt and identifying things that made them feel calm, worried or excited. A special thank you to George’s mum for coming to help us today.

Red and Green class team up

Today Red and Green classes joined together for some fun and games on the field before heading into the Forest area. It was lovely to see the younger and older children working so beautifully together.

Smiley Faces and Sticky Fingers

Campfire s’mores were the order of the day. Smiley faces and sticky fingers all round! Orange Class have come so far in their Forest School sessions, with everyone confidently and independently toasting their marshmallows today. The children chatted happily whilst around the campfire, helped each other and reminded each other of our fire safety rules.