Orange Class- Brilliant Bug Hunters

It was a beautiful, sunny winter’s afternoon in the forest. Orange Class were keen climbers, bird spotters, bug hunters and collectors today. Some of us made some detailed observations of the birds we saw. Bugs today included a snail named “Shelly” and a millipede! We were very responsible and made sure to return all creatures to their natural habitats. The atmosphere was very calm and relaxed today and a wonderful time was had by all. 🐌🐦🌳☀

Red Class- Storytelling, worm hunting and the muddy hill!

Red Class enjoyed a very damp Forest School session this afternoon. After getting wrapped up and heading outside, we enjoyed a song (The Fire Song) and story (We’re going on a bear hunt) around the log circle. Some children then went off on their own bear hunt whilst others searched for worms and snails. We collected natural objects to fill our trays, we are going to add water and freeze them so that next week we can watch them melt! Lots of us enjoyed slipping and sliding up and down the muddy hill. There was lots of laughing, super strength and amazing cooperation between the children and at the end of the session, many children shared this as their favourite part of Forest School today.

Orange Class- I spot a bird’s nest!

Today Orange Class demonstrated excellent understanding of our Forest School safety rules. They also enjoyed climbing trees, playing hide and seek and spotting bird’s nests. It was chilly but we all kept warm by keeping on the move. We can’t wait for our session next week!